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CorrosionX® the original, only with the registered Trademark sign ®

(Everything else is considerable under-performance plagiarism)

and from U.S. Corrosion Technologies, Texas, with POLAR-BONDING technology stands for:

environmentally friendly premium multifunctional oils, greases, cleaners, spray systems, etc. with top marks in all disciplines:

corrosion protection, lubricants, penetrating oil, cleaning, dielectric.

Lasts longer, lubricates better, crawls faster, cleans better, prevents contact problems better and all that with minimal quantity use!

CorrosionX®, the original, when it matters!

Successful together for decades!

In the areas of industry / maintenance + aviation / maintenance + agriculture + car / motorcycle / mobile home + electrical engineering / electronics / avionics + marine + sporting goods / cycling / skates + fishing / deep sea fishing / maintenance + remote control (RC) and hobby ....

Please note:

All specified performance data relate exclusively to original products from U.S. Corrosion Technologies.

Imitation products are expressly excluded from any guarantee!