CorrosionX® Grease in plastic bucket 18,927 Liter (5 Gallon)

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CorrosionX® Grease is now available in a high performance, multi-purpose, premium grade NLGI # 2 grease for extreme pressure. CorrosionX® Grease is suitable for the harshest marine environments and exists exactly where other products fail. We don't know of any better product available on the market today. CorrosionX® Grease was developed for maximum shear stability, film strength and high impact loads and offers unsurpassed wear protection under extreme pressure conditions. CorrosionX® Grease is the product of choice for the automotive sector with extreme pressure applications, as well as in the shipping, construction, mining, agriculture, timber and transportation industries. Choose CorrosionX® Grease for your most demanding applications.


* Including polar bonding technology

* Premium base oils offer proven oxidation resistance and unmatched performance in marine and freshwater environments.

* Overbased calcium sultanate complex thickener maximizes pumpability, water resistance and high dropping point.

* Superior anti-wear additives lubricate and prevent wear.

* Synergetic corrosion inhibitors protect against rust and corrosion.

* The advanced additive package for extreme pressure copes with very high load and shock loads.

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