CorrosionX® HD, the original premium-multifunctional oil aerosol/bombe 13,53 oz (400 ml)

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Powerful, environmentally friendly inhibitor, high viscosity, maximum duration of action.

Multifunctional oil with outstanding anti-wear and corrosion protection properties and dielectric (non-conductive substance) in one. Long-term effect through polar bonding technology on e.g. metallic surfaces with the formation of a thin film layer (Fluid Thin Film Coating, FTFC). Solvent-free, therefore very environmentally friendly. Does not contain silicone, non-flammable. Excellent compatibility with other materials. No sticking and no gumming of treated surfaces. Permanently displaces moisture.

Application area:

Lubrication even from the finest mechanics. Long-term corrosion protection. Suitable as a cavity seal.

Quick loosening of corroded connections. Protection of electrical and electronic components.

Material compatibility:

Rubber: No visible effects on Buna-N, Viton or Neoprene products. Slight swelling on items made of butyl rubber.


Slight swellings can occur on some seals with silicone content. Normally there are no side effects.

Painted surfaces:

No effect on commercially available paints and varnishes.


No effect on common materials such as acrylic, polyester, nylon, vinyl, Formyca, polyethylene, polypropylene, PTFE, Delrin, monofilament.

Fabric fibers:

CorrosionX® is absorbed by most fibers and causes light stains that can be removed with degreasing agents.


> 10 degrees C, aerosols not above 48 degrees C