About us

As a sales company for environmentally friendly HIGH-TECH inhibitors of the CORROSIONX® brand, we are very proud to be able to look back on successful years with satisfied and happy customers. We do our work out of dedication to our products. It was our idea to offer high-quality products with advice online at an affordable price. Thanks to our competence together with our online shop, our customers receive the crucial information about the products from our range in order to avoid bad purchases. We thank our loyal customers and are already looking forward to the next brilliant years together with you!

Environmentally friendly inhibitors from CorrosionX

CorrosionX® 6,76 oz (200ml)

Powerful, environmentally friendly, low viscosity inhibitor in a small 6,76 oz (200ml) spray can (Aerosol).

CorrosionX® 16,9 oz (500ml)

Powerful, environmentally friendly, low viscosity inhibitor in a 16,9 oz (500ml) spray can (Aerosol).

CorrosionX® HD 13,52 oz (400ml)

Powerful, environmentally friendly, high viscosity inhibitor in a 13,52 oz (400ml) spray can (Aerosol).

Our history

The idea for our online shop with advice is crucially based on the very convincing decades of experience of the manufacturer U.S. Corrosion Technologies, Texas, and in the establishment of a 100% subsidiary, CC Corrosion Control GmbH in 24537 Neumünster, which is responsible for sales throughout Europe. With our trading house department, we are your sales partner for southern Germany.