Xtreme Clean™, the original premium-general purpose cleaner/-degreaser triggerspray 16 oz (473,2 ml)

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Xtreme Clean ™ is a water-soluble, non-flammable high-performance cleaning concentrate and

at the same time high-performance degreaser for all types of work.

  1. Extremely powerful cleaner and degreaser that is gentle on all surfaces thanks to its natural, sensitive, concentrated cleaning capacity.
  2. Xtreme Clean ™ is effective and safe for most painted and / or metal surfaces, stone and concrete, as well as electrical insulation, rubber and plastics.
  3. Can be diluted with up to 30 parts of water for cleaning and degreasing.
  4. Decomposes fats, proteins, lipids and destroys the microbial environment.
  5. Removes e.g .: insect splashes, bird droppings, road tar and general dirt.
  6. Excellent e.g. on boat materials such as fiberglass / gelcoat, lacquered wood, stainless steel, aluminum, paintwork and carbon fiber.
  7. A pre-cleaner to remove old wax before a RejeX® treatment, e.g. vehicle paint.
  8. Quickly decomposes carbon, fats and exhaust soot.
  9. Removes household, industrial and hard street dirt.
  10. Brightens paints.
  11. Neutralizes acids.

Also suitable for:

* Steam cleaning

* High pressure washing

* Fat problems in sewage systems (municipal utilities)

* Brake dust

* Truck washing

* industrial use

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